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If You're A Physician Who Is...

... concerned about your autonomy or level of income

... struggling with increased patient loads

... overwhelmed and ill-equipped to implement change

You Need To Know... It's Not Your Fault

Payment models are changing at an accelerating pace and they are increasing in complexity

You don't have the same resources as larger groups - especially those backed by private equity

You are risk-averse and not comfortable taking on financial risk

We understand... And We Can Help

We're a fast-growing consulting group that helps physicians make the most of their practices by providing them with the infrastructure they need to practice value-based medicine on their own

Shift to Value

The healthcare industry is experiencing a transformation from fee-for-service (FFS) to the concept of value-based care, a reimbursement methodology that encourages healthcare providers to deliver the best quality care at the most reasonable cost improving the overall value of care.


The “Volume to Value” journey, from traditional fee-for-service to value-based care models, requires education and training to properly incorporate the Triple Aim principles of reducing cost, enhancing patients’ experience of care, and improving population health. A change in workflow can make a world of difference.

Risk Management

More and more physicians are being asked to take on risk contracts that essentially hold them liable for any losses incurred by their patient population. HMOs and PPOs are wanting to pass the risk onto the physician yet many physicians are not prepared to accept this kind of financial risk.  

Since 2015, we've improved the lives of over 100 physicians and 30,000 of their patients





We also work with numerous health plans

The First Data-Driven Network Of Its Kind

patient interaction

Prepared Encounters

Make the most of each patient visit by having the full extent of their relevant medical history in the palm of your hand. You'll see all chronic conditions, hospital admissions, specialist visits, medications dispensed, and procedures performed at the touch of a button.


Prioritized Scheduling

You need to see all of your patients but some patients need to be seen sooner than others. Others require still more attention. We help you identify those patients who need you the most right now.

population health

Metrics That Matter

When compared to industry standard benchmarks, key performance metrics shed light on the areas a practice can improve upon. This insight drives workflow processes, patient engagement protocols, care coordination, and more.

Our Proven Model Yields Results

for the patient

Improved Outcomes

Patients benefit from coordinated and comprehensive care that prioritizes preventive measures as well as proper management of chronic conditions. This happens in the form of visits that don't feel rushed, assessment of patient-specific needs and risks, as well as the peace of mind that comes from continuity of care.

for the provider

Quality Over Quantity

Value-based care aligns incentives with better patient care so you, the physician, can focus on quality over quantity. This means you won't need to see as many patients per day and you'll be able to spend more time with each of them. This is all driven by evidence-based best practices, actionable analytics and financial incentives that align with improved health.

Providers Directly Benefit From These Results

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I can tell you Erik and his team (CisneHealth) know what they're doing when it comes to all things related to value-based care.

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